Thursday, July 12, 2012

7 weeks

So I started playing a little game with myself tonight.  This time 7 weeks ago.....  7 weeks ago.  I can hardly believe it has been that long.  The month between Connor's diagnosis and surgery seemed 3 times longer than these past 7 weeks have been.  Needless to say a lot has happened!

We'll start with a little fire department carnival in the middle of June.  After seeing the ferris wheel on one of his Jeep rides with his daddy, Cadence had to go.  And we had a blast!!  It's the first time that I felt like I could take the leap and let Cadence ride more than just the little kiddie rides that go around in a circle.  I'm SO glad I did!  We got to ride all the rides together and right there in front of me my 1st born seemed to grow up.  And he loved every second of it.  It was also one of the first times we'd had Connor out anywhere after surgery.   It was in the evening which was perfect.  We didn't have to worry as much about the heat and I didn't have to worry about keeping a hat on him or  about the sun and he could just enjoy himself.   We all had a blast!

He had this look on his face all night!

And so did they
We then had the "derecho" at the end of June.  I'm not really sure what a "derecho" is - I've heard people say that's what it was - but all I know is that on Friday night, June 29th, we had the craziest storm.   Crazy thunder and lightning.  Scary wind that whipped in every direction.  The result was several days without power (thankfully only 3 nights for us - many others went for 10+nights..).  Oh yeah - and it was only a record breakingly hot week.  Thankfully Glenn's sister and brother- in-law live nearby and they did not lose power and graciously allowed our family to invade their space!  Cadence thought it was the best!!  He is still talking about his walks with Aunt Barbara and Uncle Dave and the fire hydrants he counted.

Glenn also started a new job at UVA (woot woot!!).  Unfortunately his first day was the Monday we were without power, but it's been good nonetheless.  

Connor continues to be a rock star cranio baby!  It is hard to imagine that my gorgeous 7 month old  was swollen and in a hospital bed this time 7 weeks ago.  While we were camping out at Aunt Barbara's, Connor tried his best to figure out how to crawl.  We were totally expecting him to take off.  But I guess he wanted to do it at home.   And now the boy cannot be stopped!  He's definitely a totally different boy than Cadence - and Cadence totally spoiled  us!  When Cadence was 7 months he was totally happy to sit.  He'd sit forever just playing with a toy.  And if he dropped it he'd find something else right next to him to sit and play with.  He was completely content just chilling out.  Connor is the opposite!  This boy is on the move!  He's been crawling a week and we are already having to put up gates.  And just for good measure he pulled himself up and was standing at Cadence's chair tonight.  

What skull surgery??

It almost makes me sad that so much time has passed - it all goes by so fast.  I am in no hurry for them to grow up  and wish I could keep both of my boys little forever.   I absolutely wish I had more time to prepare for a mobile baby!  But now that Connor can get to Cadence when he's playing with his trucks (which of course is all he wants now) they are starting to play more.  And I get to watch the beginning of what I hope is a super loving, life long friendship.

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